McDonald's Brings Back Chilly Menu Item

Summer is almost upon us, and McDonald's is cooling down its menu just in time for those hot summer months. The Golden Arches has officially expanded its menu by bringing back a few fan-favorite frozen drinks: Frozen Coca-Cola and Frozen Fanta (in both Blue Raspberry and Wild Cherry flavors). The chilled beverages have already hit the menu and are available nationwide.

First up on the menu, Frozen Coke brings "the great taste of Coca-Cola in a refreshing frozen drink," according to the beloved fast food chain, which notes that the chilled beverage is "the perfect partner for your favorite McDonald's Burgers and World Famous Fries." Frozen Fanta Blue Raspberry, meanwhile, offers up a "sweet, fruity raspberry flavor with a hint of tartness for a super cool refreshing treat that's perfect for the summer." Similarly, the Frozen Fanta Wild Cherry boasts "the sweet, fruity flavor of your favorite cherry candy in an ice-cold frozen drink." All three of the beverages are available in a small, medium, or large.

It remains unclear when the drinks returned to the menu, though several social media users have noted their local chain has had the beverages for some time now. One person living in California noted both Frozen Coke and the Frozen Fanta flavors have been available "for a year," and another person said they've "been in Hawaii for the last month and a half." The drinks were first introduced back in 2016 as test run items available at the Wichita area in Kansas as well as Central and Western Kansas locations.


The three drink options offer just one of several ways for McDonald's visitors to cool down. The chain also offers a Minute Made Pink Lemonade Slushie as well as a Minute Made Strawberry Watermelon Slushie, both of which the chain says are "must-try" beverages that "brings on the summer fun" with "sweet, refreshing" flavors. The chain also recently brought back the fan-favorite Hi-C Orange Lavaburst. The drink first debuted on the menu back in 1955 and remained a staple until 2017, when the fast-food chain upset fans with its abrupt removal and replacement with Sprite Tropic Berry. Of course, McDonald's also offers up multiple McFlurry flavors.