Mark Zuckerberg Reveals Video Of Exact Moment He Was Accepted Into Harvard

Mark Zuckerberg shared a throwback video of himself getting accepted into Harvard University in advance of his upcoming commencement speech at the college.

In the video, we see a young Zuckerberg hanging out in his room while his dad Edward films him. While sitting on his bunk bed, he opens up the acceptance email that would change his life forever.

"My dad took this video when I got accepted to Harvard," he captioned the post. "Next week I'm going back for commencement to get my degree. #tbt."

The video, which was recorded in 2003, also shows reactions of the Facebook creator and his father. Mark smiles ear-to-ear and lets out a quick fist pump while remaining mostly composed. Edward is ecstatic and lets out a few injections in response to his son's big moment.

Even though Mark went on to drop out of Harvard during his sophomore year, the initial development of Facebook was started there. He first started the "hot or not" rating service Facemash in his dorm room. That service was the precursor to, which evolved into the social media service used by billions.

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"I remember really vividly, you know, having pizza with my friends a day or two after I opened up the first version of Facebook," he said in a previous interview. "At the time I thought, 'you know, someone needs to build a service like this for the world.' But I just never thought that we'd be the ones to help do it. And I think a lot of what it comes down to is we just cared more."

Mark also touched on his family's thoughts on his college days after a commenter joked that he chose a "very roundabout way to avoid Harvard's core curriculum requirements."

"That was definitely not my plan," he said. "Although before I went to college, my mom bet me I'd drop out and my younger sister bet me she'd finish college before me. I bet them I'd get a degree. Now I suppose the cycle is complete.

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He also mentioned his family will be on hand for his commencement speech and saying, "They've been waiting for me to get a degree for a long time..."


Zuckerburg has been stepping up his personal image in the last year or so. He's been traveling aroudn the country meeting Facebook users and candidly responded to the negative news the platform has been tied to.

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