Marissa Mayer to Take 'Limited Time Away' for Maternity Leave

Yahoo! president and CEO, Marissa Mayer, is giving birth to twins in December, but her decision to take "limited time away" has raised a few eyebrows.

marissa mayer
(Photo: Business Insider)

In a blog post, Mayer wrote, "I plan to approach the pregnancy and delivery as I did with my son three years ago, taking limited time away and working throughout." When Macallister was born, Mayer took only a week or two of maternity leave.

Many think that Mayer is sending the wrong message to women in the tech industry, while others applaud her efforts of simply living her life as both a mother and CEO of Fortune 500 company. Yahoo! offers a generous paid parental leave, and many are wondering why Mayer herself isn't taking full advantage.

In her pregnancy announcement, Mayer noted that the twins are expected to come around the same time as a unique time in Yahoo!'s history, when it will spin itself off of Alibaba (one of its most lucrative assets) and head into corporate restructuring. We have a feeling that her private nursery in her office suite may come in handy during that time.


What do you think? Is Mayer sending a wrong message to mothers in the tech industry, or is she simply doing her job as president and CEO of a multi-billion dollar company? Share your thoughts in the comments below!