Man Tries to Kiss Snake, Immediately Gets Fangs to the Face

A man in India learned the hard way Wednesday that kissing a snake is not a good idea, especially [...]

A man in India learned the hard way Wednesday that kissing a snake is not a good idea, especially when it has fangs.

Video published by The Daily Mail on Friday appears to show Kailash Sodha with a snake around his neck after he and his friends found it hiding in a scooter.

The man, from Makrana, Rajasthan, India, grabbed the reptile's head and pulled it towards him. Kailash started walking away with it, and pinched the snake's mouth.

As he brought the creature closer to his own mouth, the snake's fangs came out to bite Kailash.
Kailash was shaken, but he then put the snake down, near a rock. He was then admitted to a nearby hospital, where he learned the snake was not poisonous.

"There was a snake and people around me said catch it. I caught it by its head and put it around my neck, but when I was taking it away to release it, the snake bit my lips," Kailash said.

Kailash was lucky that the snake was not poisonous, because there are deadly snakes in India. Earlier this month, the Times of India reported that 63-year-old actress Kalidasi Mondal was killed after a poisonous snake being used as a prop in a show bit her.

According to HuffPost, there are about 300 species of snakes in India, including 50 venomous species. The best thing for anyone to do when you spot a poisonous snake is to keep away from it.

"If you see a snake, they will always slither away. So if you see one which doesn't slither away, just back away from it and watch it and you see the beautiful way they move, their beautiful colors in patterns," British wildlife TV host Nigel Marven told HuffPost in 2015. "The key is not to touch a snake. If you really are frightened, stamp your feet because snakes don't like vibrations. So if you are going into some bush or in a rocky area where you think there could be a snake, if you walk along and stamp your feet that would frighten the snake away and the snakes will slither away from your path."

Marvin said if you are bitten by a poisonous snake, you need to get to a hospital as soon as possible. You can also put a tourniquet above the bite to stop the venom from travelling through your blood.

Photo credit: YouTube/ Zee News