Man Lost Over 100 Pounds Eating Nothing but Potatoes for a Year

(Photo: Twitter / @TODAYshow)An Australian man lost almost 115 pounds after eating only potatoes [...]

(Photo: Twitter / @TODAYshow)

An Australian man lost almost 115 pounds after eating only potatoes for a whole year. Andrew Taylor is feeling healthier and happier since starting his "Spud Fit" challenge in January.

He began his journey weighing 334 pounds and is now 220 pounds. His extreme eating plan was never meant to be a weight-loss program, instead it was to help him break his addiction with food.

"My relationship with food has totally changed to the point where I now see food as fuel rather than a means for emotional support, comfort and enjoyment," Taylor told TODAY.

"A very welcome side effect is that so far I've lost 114 pounds in the process, too."

Taylor said he was under medical supervision throughout the year. His health saw many improvements, including better cholesterol and blood-sugar levels.

He feels "totally amazing" and no longer has problems with clinical depression and anxiety, sleeps better and is physically stronger and more energetic.

After his year of eating only potatoes, he learned how to control his craving. "You can eat whatever you like, after you eat a big plate of potatoes," he said. But, after doing that his cravings were usually gone.

At the start of the new year, he plans on eating a plant-based diet filled with whole foods like fruit, vegetables and whole grains, while eliminating cheese, cream, eggs, butter, oil and meat.

His website details the rules he followed during his year-long experiment. Taylor will eat his first non-potato meal live on Australian TV on Jan. 1, 2017.


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