Man Dies From Burns After Chainsaw Explodes

A Pennsylvania man has passed away after his chainsaw exploded, covering his body in third degree burns, The Daily Mail reports.

68-year-old David Baker was using his chainsaw at his home in Warrington Township, York County, Pennsylvania on Thursday. Reports say Baker was working on the chainsaw itself when it suddenly exploded.

Baker was immediately rushed to Lehigh Valley Hospital. He died from his injuries the following day at around 1:40PM.

The explosion has been ruled an accident, though it is still under investigation. There's no word yet on what may have been the cause, but authorities have yet to identify a brand or model for the chainsaw. There are no recalls associated with the case at this time.


The county coroner said that 85 percent of Baker's body was covered in third-degree burns. It's unclear whether anyone was with Baker at the time of the accident, but so far, no one else has been reported as injured.