Man Charged With Nearly Killing Baby After Bending Him In Half

An Arizona man has been charged with two counts of child abuse after he bent his infant son in half and repeatedly bit him.

Robert Resendiz, 30, was arrested on Dec. 19 after the Phoenix Police Department were called to his home, where they found a 6-month-old boy unresponsive and not breathing, ABC15. A responding officer performed CPR on the child until paramedics arrived to the scene. The infant was then rushed to the Phoenix Children's Hospital, where doctors informed police that the boy's injuries were "not survivable."

The 6-month-old allegedly suffered lacerations to his liver and pancreas, as well as a broken wrist and a bruised thigh after his father pulled his legs over his head and bent his body in an attempt to get him to stop crying. Resendiz's admitted his crime to the police, adding that he also bit the infant twice.

Resendiz told police that he didn't realize the intensity of the pressure he was inflicting on the infant until the 6-month-old stopped moving.

Robert Resendiz, 30, is alleged to have bent his 6-month-old son in half after he wouldn't stop crying.


Resendiz was booked in the Maricopa County Jail on $250,000 bond.