Man Allegedly Bites off Relative's Ear on Christmas Eve

A drunken family dispute on Christmas Eve ended with one man in handcuffs and another with his ear partially bitten off.

On Christmas Eve, police in Ukiah, California responded to a call of a fight between two men who were related, CBS San Francisco reports. Upon their arrival, officers discovered a 35-year-old man with blood running down his face and a portion of his ear missing and his 40-year-old relative, Samuel Paul Galindo, who allegedly bit the man's ear off.

It is alleged that Galindo and the man were drinking alcohol when they began to argue about a marijuana product. Galindo became enraged and grew violent, forcing the victim to the ground and shoving his fingers into his eyes. He also allegedly repeatedly told the victim that he was going to kill him.

The victim managed to struggle free after Galindo had bitten a portion of his ear off. He ran outside and found safety in a car.

The 35-year-old was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment and later released.


Galindo was arrested on the scene without incident. He has been charged with mayhem, assault with a dangerous weapon, criminal threats, and violating parole.