Madeleine McCann's Mother Kate Relives Horrifying Regret Over Hotel Note Related to Disappearance

The disappearance of Madeliene McCann still weighs heavy on the minds of many in the U.K. and Europe. The missing three-year-old disappeared in May 2007 while parents Kate and Gerry McCann were on holiday. Recently, Kate McCann looked back at the moment before the disappearance of her daughter that may have fueled the incident.

According to 7 News, a note by the hotel staff in a message book wasn't discovered by McCann until a year after the disappearance, sending chills down her spine. She would discuss the revelation in her book, Madeleine: Our Daughter's Disappearance and The Continuing Search for Her.

"It wasn't until a year later, when I was combing through Portuguese police files, that I discovered the note. The note requesting to get a block booking was written in a staff message book, which sat on a desk at the pool reception for most of the day.This book was, by definition, accessible to all staff and, albeit unintentionally, probably to guests and visitors, too," McCann wrote according to 7 News. "To my horror, I saw that no doubt in all innocence and simply to explain why she was bending the rules a bit, the receptionist had added the reason for our request: we wanted to eat close to our apartments as we were leaving our young children alone there and checking on them intermittently."

McCann continued and revealed the bitter regret she and her husband felt about the decision to leave the children alone, and possibly leaving the note. Madeleine McCann would have been 18 years old on May 12, which the couple marked on Facebook on a page dedicated to finding her.

"Happy 18th Birthday Madeleine," the message read. "We love you and we're waiting for you and we're never going to give you up."


Recently, new evidence surfaced that may finally bring the case to a close and give the McCann's some peace. Police named Christian Brueckner, a convicted rapist in Germany, as their main suspect in Madeleine's case. New evidence received reportedly gave the police more certainty in their decision, with the prosecution making the announcement earlier in the month.

"We have gathered new evidence that adds further to the case we are building against our main suspect," investigation officials said. "We are still building the case and at some time in the future we shall share the details with the suspect and his lawyer — but now is not the time. I cannot disclose the type of evidence we have been given, it is not forensic I can tell you that but it is new circumstantial evidence which all adds to the working theory that he is the man responsible."