Clark County Coroner Confirms All 58 Las Vegas Victims Have Been Identified

After a gunman opened fire on a Las Vegas music festival on Sunday night, the Las Vegas coroner says all 58 deceased victims have been identified and families notified, ABC News reports.

Among the 58 dead from Sunday night's Las Vegas mass shooting were mothers, fathers, teachers, police officers, a Navy veteran, a member of the Army National Guard and a nurse who died shielding his wife from the onslaught of bullets. One man was celebrating his and his wife's 23rd wedding anniversary when shots rang out, and he died protecting her from bullets.

One of the victims that survived, 20-year-old Savanna Chasco, spoke out after the tragic events.

Chasco told ABC News that at first, people thought the gunfire was just spotty noise coming from the speakers. After the second round of shots, Chasco and her friends started running. When they heard gunfire again, Chasco got shot in the back and fell to the ground. Her friends pulled her to a fence, and they kept running.

"Then we ran into MGM [Hotel] and we heard more rounds inside so we ran back out," she said. "During this time, I was on the phone with my parents, just telling them what was going on, making sure they were OK so they weren't worrying or anything."

She was transported to a hospital, where she says she stayed for four or five hours.

"I ended up being in the hospital for four or five hours and I was … very fortunate," Chasco said, noting that a boyfriend of a friend she attended the concert with was killed in the attack.

Chasco said that she still has the bullet in her back. "I just keep holding onto the fact that I do have a bullet in my back still but I'm walking and I'm talking and that's obviously something that I'm so grateful for right now."

Aside from the 58 fatalities, hundreds of others were injured in the attack launched by 64-year-old Stephen Paddock from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

Authorities said Paddock had shot and killed himself before they were able to breach his hotel room.

While officials are digging into Paddock's past to determine his currently unclear motive, they discovered that he had 42 guns in his possession at the time of the shooting: 23 with him in his Vegas hotel room and 19 at his Mesquite, Nevada home.


Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo says that Paddock likely had an escape planned and wanted to survive, and may have even had possible accomplices.

Photo Credit: Getty / David Becker