Kim Jong-un Allegedly Spent Weeks With His 'Pleasure Squad' Amid Death Rumors

In late April, it was reported that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un had died. The report came amidst Jong-un's disappearance from public life. However, it should be noted that North Korean state media reported on Saturday that the leader made a public appearance since rumors emerged about his death. Now, a new report from the New York Post has claimed that Jong-un has possibly been holed up with a "Pleasure Squad" of 2,000 women amidst rumors about his passing.

The New York Post noted that the exact state of Jong-un's health is currently unclear. They also shared that it is unclear where he is at the moment, as the information has not been confirmed directly by officials close to the leader. But, they did report that he may be holed up in a luxurious seaside hideaway in the port city of Wonsan with a harem of 2,000 sex slaves within his "Pleasure Squad." It is possible that he is in this hideaway in an effort to avoid catching the coronavirus.

The Sun reported that if this is indeed the case, this means that Jong-un has resurrected his grandfather's "Pleasure Squad," a legion of sex slaves who are meant to entertain various North Korean leaders. The publication reported that the women involved are meant to sing and dance for North Korea's elite. They also reportedly have to take part in "bizarre sex games and orgies." It has also been alleged that girls as young as 13 are forced to take part in this "Pleasure Squad."

This news comes a little over a week after it was initially reported that Jong-un had passed away. At the time, a vice director of Hong Kong Satellite Television (HKSTV), who is the niece of a Chinese foreign minister, reported that she had received information from a "very solid source" that the North Korean leader had died. The news came days after CNN reported that Jong-un was in "grave danger" after he underwent surgery.


Of course, as previously mentioned, it was recently reported that Jong-un was spotted in public on Friday. North Korea's state-run media reported that the leader visited a fertilizer factory that was being opened, per the BBC. It was reported that he cut a ribbon to officially open the location. The media also claimed that Jong-un was met by a crowd at the factory and they "broke into thunderous cheers of hurrah."