KFC Testing Cheetos Fried Chicken Sandwich

KFC is bringing together two beloved food items for its new Cheetos Sandwich.

The unusual combo, featuring a hand-breaded Extra Crispy chicken filet with special Cheetos sauce on a toasted bun with mayo and a layer of Cheetos, is currently being tested in select markets in four southern states, including Greensboro, North Carolina, Raleigh, North Carolina, Roanoke, Virginia, Richmond, Virginia, and Greenville, Georgia.

According to the chain, the sandwich is made with its signature Crispy Colonel Sandwich, which it introduced in April and a snack-inspired ingredient, care of Cheetos, which they "Cheeto-fied for an extra crunch and a double punch of flavor."

"Made by coating a juicy, hand-breaded Extra Crispy chicken fillet with special Cheetos sauce and placing it on a toasted bun with mayo and a layer of crunchy Cheetos, the Cheetos Sandwich will give you a blast of craveable Cheetos in every bite," the famed chicken chain described the new menu item in a press release, according to Takeout.

The proposed sandwich is already making waves online, with a combination of reactions.

"This is disgusting but I can't wait to eat one," one person commented.

"killing your customers doesn't seem like a very well thought-out business model," another wrote.

"How about if KFC tests something that isn't deathly unhealthy? Are they having a contest to see how many people will have a heart attack?" another questioned.

"Both KFC and Cheetos have dedicated fan bases loyal to each new creation, so it only made sense to merge these two iconic brands together to provide an irresistible and flavorful sandwich that gives the best of both worlds," KFC added.

The Cheetos Sandwich will be available until March 24 or as long as supplies last at a price of $4.79. Currently, there is now word on if the fast food chain plans to roll out the sandwich nationwide sometime in the future.


The Cheetos Sandwich is not KFC's first foray into the unusual. In 2018, the fried chicken chain introduced the limited-edition Pickle Fried Chicken, which featured seasoned and breaded fried chicken topped with pickle slices and smothered in a pickle sauce. The sauce was made with dill, vinegar, onion, garlic, buttermilk, and white and black pepper.

This is also not the first time that Cheetos has paired with a popular fast food chain for a unique creation. In 2016, Burger King launched Mac n' Cheetos, which in turn spawned the introduction of the Flamin' Hot Mac n' Cheetos in 2017.