Kate Middleton and Her Children Get a Creepy Statue That's Giving People Nightmares

Fans of the British Royal Family are used to seeing them all prim and proper standing on the balcony of Buckingham Palace giving off their best royal waves and shining smiles, but a recent miniature statue of Kate Middleton and her children are ruining that image entirely.

On June 18, Twitter user @amelia_perrin took to the social media platform to share an image that is sure to invoke nightmares: a £60, or $76, statue of the Duchess of Cambridge and her children Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Purchased at her local TK Maxx, the British version of TJ Maxx, she claimed that it was "arguably the worst thing i've ever laid eyes upon."

Inspired by "the Cambridge family's 2015 Christmas card where a six-month-old Princess Charlotte was pictured perching on her mother's knee," according to The Sun, the commemorative figurine ruined the picture perfect image that many had of the family.

"Why does Charlotte look like a 70 year old complete with make up??" one person questioned. "It's like they were looking at a picture of Pat Butcher instead of the royal daughter??!"

"I think this is a lovely image of Sporty Spice posing with Michael Gove and Mark Francois (to scale). Underpriced, if anything," another added.

"There are definitely souls trapped in those figurines," wrote a third.

"A ceramic figurine so horrifying you know that it comes with its own inbuilt curse: 'We bought the Royal Doulton Young Royals figurine in the sale at TK Maxx, and then the killings began...'" another commented, adding the hashtag "#YoungRoyalsCurse."

Created by the manufacturer Royal Doulton, the figurines typically carry a steep price tag of $300.

On the company's website, they are described as being "crafted in exquisite fine bone china, Royal Doulton figures are beautifully handmade and hand-decorated by skilled ceramic artists. The fun-loving spirit and happy personalities of the royal family, is portrayed in the figure, Young Royals."

Of course, this is far from the first time that royal watchers have been disturbed by supposed likeness of the Royal Family.


In December of 2018, Madame Tussauds' German outpost in Berlin debuted a new attraction for the holiday season: a new representation of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Not complete wax figures, the attraction boasted living replicas, or two actors impersonating Prince Harry and Meghan Markle by wearing silicone masks meant to resemble their faces.

The attraction had many dubbing it as the things that "are going to haunt me in my sleep," with one even claiming that they "are what you see right before you die."