Justin Bieber's Bodyguard Injures Cops in DUI Crash

It's been reported that pop-singer Justin Bieber's bodyguard was involved in a DUI accident that caused serious injuries to multiple police officers.

On Thursday, Bieber's head of security, Michael Arana, was driving around Miami in the early morning hours and allegedly smashed into a police car. The accident was so severe that one of the cops had to be airlifted to a hospital from the scene, according to TMZ.

Arana is said to have fled the scene of the accident, but was followed by another officer who happened to be nearby.

That officer caught up to Arana and apprehended him. Law enforcement attempted to do a blood-alcohol test on Arana, but he refused.

They did, however, search him and discovered receipts that reflected he'd been purchasing alcoholic beverages after 12 a.m.

He currently faces three separate charges for DUI, and three charges of leaving the scene of an accident.


One of the officers that was injured in the hit-and-run has reportedly been released from the hospital, but the other officer is said to still be admitted.

At this time, Justin Bieber does not appear to have commented on the situation. Coincidentally, Bieber was also arrested in Miami, back in 2014, on suspicion of driving under the influence. That case was eventually settled with a plea bargain.