Julianne Hough's Wild Scream, 'Exorcist' Energy Healing Video Is Shaking the Internet Right Now

A video that features Julianne Hough letting out a primal scream has shaken the internet to its core. The clip, which started making the rounds earlier today, features the DWTS alum as she gets some experimental healing that, from a distance, appears to be a standard massage. The practice is apparently designed to release waves of stored emotion through movement, but it ended up releasing waves of confusion online instead.

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"I will not be discussing anything else today but that demonic video of Julianne Hough thank you for your understanding," tweeted one user, while another claimed that the "live orgasm video they're calling energy healing is straight from Satan." A third observed that "looks like major 'casting out' crap," while adding they were "surprised Oprah is down for it," considering it's "super-duper culty."

Even podcaster Jackie Schimmel, who posted the whole ordeal to her Instagram page, captioned it with: "Gonna tell my kids this was The Exorcist."

Hough appeared alongside health guru Dr. John Amaral at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland on Wednesday where they demonstrated their technique. "I feel free inside myself to just be," Hough said about the experience. "Our body is our vessel to hold our energy, and that is the most prominent thing that we can take care of."

The demonstration comes among repeated reports that Hough and husband Brooks Laich have been having marital issues. Laich even gave an interview to the How Men Think podcast where he revealed he has been trying to explore his sexuality more fully.

"People think that sexuality is just the act of sex, of just having sex and there's so much more to it," Laich explained. "Here's a question. this is an honest question for everybody in this room, and every single person listening: Are you full, 100 percent fully, expressed in your true sexuality? With your partner? With everything? You could not imagine having a better sex life? Are you truly there?"

This echoes an Instagram post the NHL player had made at the end of December to chronicle his goals for 2020. For the "I want to learn" category, Laich wrote he wants to learn "more about intimacy and my sexuality," and under "I want to be more," he wrote he wants to be "open to all things and present in my relationships."


Here's hoping Hough's latest therapy method helps them both out.