Joe Biden Campaign Sells out of Fly Swatters After Bug Landed on Mike Pence's Head During Debate

Joe Biden was not going to let the viral fly that landed on Mike Pence’s head during the vice [...]

Joe Biden was not going to let the viral fly that landed on Mike Pence's head during the vice presidential debate go by without capitalizing on it from a campaign front. The democratic presidential nominee and his team were quick to utilize the fly in whatever way they could shortly after the debate, even going as far to offer fly swatters on the team''s official store.

Located on his website, visitors can purchase a "Truth Over Flies" swatter for $10. All proceeds go to the Biden Victory Fund. The items, however, didn't seem to last long as the website already lists the swatters as out of stock and completely sold out. In promoting it on Twitter, the account used the selling point as, "swats away flies and lies."

This isn't the first time Biden's shop has taken aim at some headline-grabbing content and using it to promote the campaign. When The New York Times' investigative team discovered what President Donald Trump paid in taxes, Biden's store swiftly put together a shirt that read, "I Paid More in Taxes Than Donald Trump." There were also buttons and stickers made with the saying.

During the debate when the fly was seen on Pence's head, social media erupted into a frenzy. As a result, Biden sought to use the moment to gain even more support, sharing a photo of himself with a fly swatter and writing a pun-filled tweet, "Pitch in $5 to help this campaign fly." His team also put together a secondary website domain, "," which when clicked on, directed visitors to a voter registration page.

With October here, the Nov. 3 election is just three weeks away as both Biden and Trump, who is less than two weeks removed from his COVID-19 diagnosis, have returned to the campaign trail for their final chances to win key states. Biden headed up to Ohio for a few stops while Trump finds himself down in Florida for the first time back on the trail since being released from Walter Reed medical center. The two had one more scheduled debate, though that was thrown for a loop after it was switched to a remote debate to which Trump refused to participate in. As of Monday, there remains uncertainty as to whether or not the two will have one final chance on a national level to make a pitch to voters.