Woman Vanishes, Husband Kills Himself Before a Polygraph Test

Just two months after Jo Ringer and Chad Reidy tied the knot, Reidy discovered that his wife was missing. He spent the day driving around their hometown of Clarksburg, Massachusetts, to no avail. The next day, March 4, he reported her missing to the police.

Officials began investigating Ringer's disappearance, and along the way, learned that her marriage to Reidy wasn't quite the picture of newlywed bliss. After speaking to friends and family, investigators discovered Reidy had told a friend, "If anything ever happens to me, don't underestimate Chad — because it was probably him."

On April 7, Reidy was found dead of an apparent suicide in advance of a lie detector test. Days later, his high school sweetheart was charged with three counts of misleading a police officer after she was seen in surveillance footage with Reidy two days before Ringer was reported missing.

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According to The Berkshire Eagle, Reidy's cell phone records of his location differ from where Reilly told investigators he was on the day of Ringer's disappearance. He later deleted hundreds of texts from his phone and Facebook account.

"This phone was used by Reidy in the hours following Ringer's disappearance and probable cause exists that it was utilized in the cover-up of her murder," police said in court files. "If investigators are able to locate this phone, it will likely contain data... which could prove invaluable to this investigation."

Ringer's car was found on March 6 within a mile of Reilly's home.

"Ms. Reilly had nothing to do with the disappearance of Jo Ringer," Reilly's attorney, Jesse Adams, told PEOPLE. Reilly pleaded not guilty to her charges.

Reidy's daughter, 19-year-old Savanah Ringer, thinks that Reilly is holding something back from investigators, and shared that she read Jo's Facebook messages and discovered accusations of abuse against Reidy and an off-and-on affair with Reilly.

"I think Chad and Laura had been seeing each other," Savanah said. "I think they might have wanted to get back together."

For now, Savanah is looking for any information she can find regarding her mom's whereabouts.

"I hope that I hear from her," she said.

Photo Credit: Facebook / Jo Ringer



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