Jeffrey Epstein's Official Cause of Death Revealed

Jeffrey Epstein's official cause of death has been revealed, with the medical examiner's office ruling it a suicide, per WBNS. Epstein died in his Metropolitan Correctional Center jail cell in New York on Saturday, with the prison announcing his death as an apparent suicide, but not elaborating much further. Speculation and conspiracy theories have swirled as to whether or not his death could have had foul play involved, but that does not appear to be indicated in the medical examiner's report.

Ahead of the official ruling, the medical examiner issued a report including specifics of Epstein's death. The reports stated that Epstein suffered broken bones in his neck that could be consistent with a hanging death, but forensic experts told journalist that those broken bones could also be found in victims who died from being strangled.

Epstein was arrested earlier this year on child sex trafficking charges, and was awaiting trial.

Many have been sounding off about the news on Twitter, with one user saying, "A multi year study conducted in India where suicide by hanging is more common, revealed that only 6 percent of hanging deaths resulted in that injury. Meaning the other 94 percent are murdered, like Epstein."

"Was to be expected. Whatever happened, they were never going to come to any other conclusion," another person said.

Someone else tweeted, "Forensic pathologist Cyril H. Wecht, M.D., on Jeffrey Epstein's death being ruled a suicide: 'If they're telling me that he was just kneeling down and he broke the hyoid bone and the cervical vertebrae, no way…I do not buy that. I've never seen that. I've never heard of that.' "

"Sure. If you buy that, I have a deserted island in Timbuktu I can make you a deal you won't get anywhere else! Yes, Epstein was murdered. No one breaks bones by hanging from a sheet, by kneeling forward. That just doesn't happen. High level people are responsible!" one other person said.


Photo Credit: Getty Images