The iPhone X Doesn't Have Two Key Features That We Really Want

While Apple customers everywhere were thrilled to learn of the new iPhone X, the Internet has pointed out a couple major features missing from the product.

On the iPhone X, there is no headphone jack or TouchID.

It wasn't much of a surprise that the headphone jack wasn't going to be part of the new product, given that the iPhone 7 does not have one. However, Apple faced heavy backlash from many customers over removing the feature. Due to the outrage, tech users were hoping to see Apple bring back the headphone jack, but the company clearly doesn't plan on granting that request.

The other feature that will no longer exist is TouchID. Apple plans to replace this feature with FaceID.

FaceID uses 3D facial recognition software as to where the TouchID used fingerprint recognition. The features are meant to allow users to unlock Apple devices. Even though the FaceID upgrade sounds quite impressive, many customers were left underwhelmed with the technology.

During a live demonstration of the FaceID feature at the Apple Event, a flustered Craig Federighi struggled to unlock the device using the new facial recognition software. The epic fail prompted a swift Twitter reaction.

The reason Apple did away with TouchID is that of the fancy, no-bezel screen.


Not only does the iPhone X not have a headphone jack or TouchID, but it will come with a hefty price tag of $999. Learn more about the iPhone X here.