iPhone 11: Is This What It Looks Like?

Apple will announce the next generation of iPhone on Tuesday afternoon, but some design mock-ups have already been released. With hours to go before the event, fans are already speculating over the apparent three-camera or "three-eyed" design, and other features as well.

The iPhone 11 is nearly hear, but users may already have a strong hint as to what it looks like. In the last several months, growing rumors have suggested that it will include a square bump on the back corner, housing three separate camera lenses.

According to a report by The Inquirer, this has been all but confirmed by companies that manufacture iPhone cases, such as Nood Cases, which began showing plans to protect these lenses in their next batch of products.

The triple-lens is a style growing in popularity among iPhone manufacturers, expanding on Apple's previous dual-lens models. Older mock-ups show the lenses more recessed in the phone's casing, with one big glass piece over all three of them rather than individual lens covers. The few images that show the front simply show the same large-screen interface as the iPhone XR.

One case design showed a slot for the Apple Pencil, suggesting that the iPhone 11 would support the new device. However, that has been contested by some sources, including analyst Ming Chi-Kuo on Tuesday morning, according to 9to5Mac.

So far, all of these designs are simply rumors, though some are backed by reputable sources, such as leaks and case designers. In the meantime, fans are already discussing the designs on social media, assuming they are legitimate. On Tuesday morning, Twitter seemed unanimous in dragging the phone, cracking jokes about the growing number of camera lenses in each successive upgrade.


Meanwhile, the really impactful upgrades may be on the inside of the iPhone 11, not in the design. According to The Inquirer, the phone may well include a fast-charging battery, though the early rumors of wireless charging are dubious. The phone could also have the same USB-C port as the latest iPad.

The only way to know for sure is to tune in for the event itself. Apple's release event will be livestreamed on YouTube and the Apple website on Tuesday, Sept. 10 at 1 p.m. ET.