Impeachment Hearings: Fiona Hill's Expression During Testimony Has Social Media Shook

There are many takes that one could take from the ongoing impeachment inquiry hearings in Washington, DC. The past two weeks have seen numerous faces from the current administration step in to be grilled by members of the House, including Rep. Adam Schiff and Rep. Devin Nunes.

But on Thursday, viewers of the hearings were introduced to Dr. Fiona Hill, former National Security Council director, and got a front-row seat for a look that may have already cemented itself as a meme.

As shown in a post by GQ writer Julia Ioffe, Hill delivered a look of bewilderment during her portion of the hearing that seemed to cover most folks' reaction.

Ioffe goes on to point out that David Holmes also delivered a fine reaction shot to the questioning from the Congresspeople, marking Thursday as a day full of pizazz that some outlets noted was missing.

Folks online responded to the images, choosing Hill as their new champion for online discourse. Others just wanted to see the thought bubbles from the moment.

"That's not confusion, it's disbelief. She knew his path before he was done speaking and was waiting for him to tell him where he's wrong," one person wrote.

"That's the English way of expressing 'bless your heart,'" another tossed in, referencing the old Southern phrase.

"You are wrong, in Northern England that is known as the 'what an utter tosser' look. Often seen on long suffering ladies faces at the beginning, middle and end of a Saturday night out," a third wrote, noting Hill's English background.

"I give my husband that same look when he tells me he doesn't know where I keep the scissors or anything else that's in the house," another added with their own personal experience. "The [willpower] it would take not to roll her eyes has to be giving her a major headache."

"That would be disgust, and the quick smirk [Dr.] Holmes keeps throwing him is pure contempt," a final person wrote.


No matter what you think about the actual events unfolding in Washington, D.C. at this point, you have to admit that it has introduced quite the cast of characters. Holmes is only the latest to captivate the audience watching at home. It's something we would've gotten with the Clinton impeachment if it happened a few years later.