IHOP Teases New Name After 'IHOB' Debacle

Just a year after becoming the International House of Burgers (IHOb), IHOP is preparing to flip the "b" back to a "p" in yet another name change.

The International House of Pancakes revealed in a tweet on Monday, May 27 that they are gearing up to make another subtle change to their name, though fans will have to wait to see what it is until Monday, June 3.

"What could the P be? Find out June 3," the chain's official Twitter account asked alongside a video in which the word "IHOb" transformed into "IHOP."

On Tuesday, the chain once again teased the name change, sharing a video showing the harsh and swift reaction to their 2018 name tinkering, which saw the chain become the International House of Burgers.

As with the first name switchup, the chain's antics are once again not sitting well with fans, many of whom slammed IHOP on Twitter for daring to even consider picking up a new monicker.

"Stay with IHOP, I love your burgers but your a tradition. So why change your name .." one person asked.

"Since that fiasco, I hope you've removed the Marketing Manager, who presented that...and the Department Executive, who approved it—just saying," another wrote.

Others, however, were more concerned with figuring out what exactly the "p" could stand for. Of course, many speculated that the letter could simply be to represent what they are best known for, pancakes, but many more people had other guesses.

"International House of Pizza," one fan suggested.

"Pokemon cards," another wrote.

"Pancake burgers," commented a third.

Currently, the chain has not teased what exactly the "p" could refer to, though it is likely that it will represent a new line of food that they are attempting to promote.

After becoming the International House of Burgers, the chain had admitted that the fiasco surrounding its name change had been to promote its newest burgers, including the Big Brunch and the Cowboy BBQ, all of which are be made with 100 percent USDA Choice beef.


Whatever the name changes to, fans can rest easy with the knowledge that it likely will not be permanent, as IHOP, shortly after making the change to IHOb, revealed they would "never turn our back on pancakes (except for that time we faked it to promote our new burgers)."