Jealous Husband Cuts off Wife's Hands After Accusing Her of Cheating

A man in Russia has been dubbed "Othello with an Axe" after he brutally cut off his wife's hands for believing she had cheated on him.

On Dec. 11, Dmitry Grachyov, 26, took his wife, Margarita Grachyov, into a forest after she denied his accusations that she had a secret lover, The Sun reports. There, he struck her fingers with an axe in an attempt to get her to confess. When she continued to deny the allegations, he proceeded to cut off both of her hands.

Grachyov rushed his wife to the hospital after the attack before turning himself in to authorities.

Doctors were able to reattach one of Margarita Grachyov's hands in an operation that took over nine hours. Doctors stated that her right arm and hand were too severely injured to be saved.

"This was an outrageous case – a young woman had both hands cut off," one of the surgeons who operated on Grachyov said. "The surgical team did an incredible job – sewing her up even though this seemed impossible at first."


Those close to the couple, who share two sons, claimed that there had been trouble in the marriage before. Margarita Grachyov had previously called the police on her husband, and a friend of the couple stated that he had heard Grachyov tell his wife "l'll kill you. If need be, I'll go to jail."

Grachyov remains in police custody.