Hurricane Dorian: Weather Channel Slammed for Asking to Use Bahamian's Video During Life-Threatening Situation

The Weather Channel is trying to provide its viewers with in-depth coverage of Hurricane Dorian, but they may have crossed a line. The company's news desk account reached out to a Bahamian woman that appeared to be in the middle of life-threatening weather conditions on Great Abaco Island. As one would imagine, Twitter users thought this was wildly inappropriate, given the circumstances.

Most pointed out that The Weather Channel likely wanted to air the footage on television, making major ad revenue off their programming. Many suggested the network should at offer to cover some of the woman's expenses.

Others pointed out that the woman has far more important things to worry about than helping The Weather Channel fill out their programming block.

For what it's worth, the woman who posted the videos has posted several updates since uploading the videos, so it appears she may be OK, all things considered.

The National Hurricane Center's latest updates have cautioned storm surges, heavy rainfall, intense swells and, of course, high winds and dense storms.


"Catastrophic hurricane conditions are occurring in the Abacos Islands and will spread across Grand Bahama Island later today and tonight. Do not venture out into the eye, as winds will suddenly increase as the eye passes," the update read. "Hurricane conditions are possible within the hurricane watch area in Florida by late Monday or early Tuesday. Tropical storm conditions are expected within the tropical storm warning area on Monday and Tuesday. Tropical storm conditions are possible within the tropical storm watch area by Monday night."

Photo Credit: LUCY WORBOYS/AFP/Getty Images