Here Is the Current Death Toll After Hurricane Harvey

There are now at least 63 Hurricane Harvey-related deaths after it dumped several feet of rainwater on southeast Texas in a matter of days, according to CBS News.

Harris County, which is home to Houston and saw some of the worst flooding of the storm, has the highest death toll, with 30 deaths related to Harvey.

Many of the other deaths, which were spread out over 11 Texas counties, happened when people were caught in quickly-rising floodwaters or when they lost control of their vehicles on waterlogged roads. One family of six, included four children, was killed when a van they were riding in was swept into a bayou by floodwaters in Harris County.

Two deaths in Montgomery County were caused after rain and flood waters loosened the ground around trees that then fell onto at least two homes, according to county emergency management spokeswoman Cynthia Jamieson. The Texas Department of Public Safety also confirmed that a couple died while driving outside Jasper, Texas, after a tree fell onto their vehicle.

Several elderly deaths in multiple counties were reported as Harvey-related deaths after power outages caused medical equipment like oxygen tanks to stop working.

Floodwaters have also caused delays in responses to medical emergencies that resulted in Harvey-related deaths. The first reported death of the storm was a man who died in a fire in Aransas County. Another person died after having a heart attack when first responders were delayed by poor road and flood conditions.

Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas on August 25 as a Category 4 hurricane, but did its worst damage in rain and floodwaters as a tropical storm. In some areas of southeast Texas, rainfall totals measured nearly 52 inches.

President Trump has asked Congress for a $7.9 billion initial response, while Texas governor Greg Abott suggested it may take as much as $180 billion in total.


Mayor Sylvester Turner has declared Houston as "open for business", but with areas still underwater and many not yet returned to their homes, major damages from the natural disaster are far from resolved.

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