Watch This Beast Drink a 6-Pack of Beer in Under 40 Seconds Using a Leaf Blower

An impressive new video circulating on the internet shows a man chugging an entire six-pack of beer in under 40 seconds.

The YouTube user, a man named Kevin Strahle who refers to himself as the L.A. Beast, has made quite a name for himself online and in the competitive eating and drinking world with his outrageous videos. He frequently takes on ridiculous challenges for his followers' entertainment, which is part of the reason why he has about 2 million subscribers on YouTube.

In one of his latest videos, Strahle uses a bizarre contraption and a leaf blower to down six bottles of Miller High life in what has to be record time.

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Strahle shared the video on YouTube and detailed his inspiration for this remarkable feat in the caption.

"When it comes to consuming food and liquid, the L.A. BEAST is always trying to think of NEW & INNOVATIVE ways to improve his Competitive Eating Speed & Agility to allow himself to consume at a faster rate this his competition.

"About 1 year ago, the L.A. BEAST utilized a drill pump to allow him to consume an adult beverage from his GIANT 3 Liter Glass in record time, but after complications with the drill pump device, the liquid just wasn't flowing at a fast enough & consistent rate anymore with many problems and issues to follow.

"A few months back, the L.A. BEAST saw a video of a man who created a device that allowed him to drink 6 bottled adult beverages at the same time & Inspiration to create his own High Powered Drinking Device immediately followed."


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Some of Strahle's other impressive accomplishments include chugging three bottles of spicy sriracha sauce, eating 13 habanero peppers in 90 seconds while standing on one foot and eating a box of crayons.