Gunman Opens Fire at Los Angeles Movie Studio, 5 People Reportedly Injured

Five people were injured at a Los Angeles movie studio after an unknown suspect or suspects drove up and fired a gun randomly at a "large party" early Tuesday morning. Los Angeles police told KTLA there were between 150 to 200 people gathered together at a studio space the owner said was rented for a video shoot and warehouse party on Lockness Avenue in the Harbor Gateway neighborhood when the shooting occurred.

A police spokesperson told the outlet the victims were "attending a large party at the warehouse when an unknown suspect drove up and fired randomly." The five people injured range in age from 19 to 39, and the shooters are still at large. The shooting is believed to be gang-related. No further details have been released about the incident. It's unclear the party's legality, as Los Angeles County banned large gatherings in which social distancing and safety measures are unable to be observed adequately amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Just last week, another large party in Los Angeles turned violent on Aug. 3 when a rented mansion party featuring more than 100 people ended in the death of a 35-year-old woman and injury of several others. While the party drew the attention of police early in the night after complaints of social distancing failures, CNN reports that what initially appeared to be a non-compliant party spiraled out of control even further around 1:15 a.m., when police received calls of shots being fired. When they arrived, two women and one man were in the driveway, and one of the women died at the hospital. Police said another woman took herself to the hospital and is stable. At the same time, another man was transported from the nearby area after partygoers fled and checked in and out of the hospital.

While police did not identify the victims, Los Angeles Police Department Lt. Chris Ramirez said there were no arrests made at the time. The motive was unclear at the time, Ramirez said, but police were investigating a gambling match in the home, as well as social media posts about the party. "We are treating this as a gang-related homicide," he added. Dr. Mark Ghaly, California's Health and Human Services secretary, also chastised partygoers at a press conference about the event, saying, "It sounds like a high-risk experience for those who were there and frankly for the loved ones that they go home to."