Grimes' Mother Appears to Drag Elon Musk Over 'Bulls—' Tweet

Grimes' mother does not appear to approve of the way Elon Musk is spending his first few weeks as a new father. The entrepreneur was on Twitter this weekend encouraging followers to "take the red pill" and raging against coronavirus restrictions. His girlfriend's mother, journalist Sandy Garossino, did not try to mask her disdain.

Musk has been causing a stir in the media lately — threatening to move his Tesla plant out of California or reopen it against stay-at-home orders, criticizing public health measures to protect against the coronavirus pandemic and tweeting the loaded "red pill" reference with all its dubious connotations. All of this comes within a month of the birth of his son, X Æ A-12, with his girlfriend Grimes. Grimes' mother is active on Twitter as well, however, and she got her two cents in.

"If your partner went through a challenging pregnancy and childbirth in the last two weeks... and you were over 16 years old, would you be blaring [Men's Rights Activist] bulls— on Twitter right now?" she asked in a since-deleted tweet. In another, she responded to another Musk critic noting that X Æ A-12 is "not yet 2 weeks old."

While those posts have been deleted, many Twitter users have been sharing screenshots of them — especially critics of Musk in general. Musk is known for his big tech innovations beginning with founding one of the two companies that merged to create PayPal. Since then, he has founded SpaceX, Tesla, Neuralink, The Boring Company and others. However, Musk is often criticized for his treatment of workers and his financial maneuvering.

He has also been called into question for his conduct in his personal life, including as a father. His first wife, Justine Wilson, wrote an essay on their relationship for Marie Claire in 2010, describing how Musk's career and his ritzy lifestyle slowly subsumed their marriage. She also wrote that Musk accused her of being "emotionally manipulative" when their infant son died of SIDS and she mourned publicly.


Musk shares custody of five sons with Wilson, and was married once more without children before his relationship with Grimes began in 2018. The two have often caused a stir with their relationship, in no small part because of the 16-year age difference between them. They announced that they were expecting a child back in January, and they briefly took over social media when they announced last month that their son's name is X Æ A-12. So far, neither Musk nor Garossino have commented publicly on the apparent social media feud between them.