'Gorilla Glue Girl' Tessica Brown Launching Her Own Haircare Line

Tessica Brown is hoping to capitalize on her "Gorilla Glue Girl" social media fiasco and help others from going through a similar experience. After Brown documented her weeks-long ordeal that began with her using Gorilla Glue on her hair and ended with her having to undergo a procedure to remove it, TMZ reports that Brown has launched her own haircare line inspired by the ordeal.

According to the outlet, Brown officially launched her Forever Hair line on Wednesday, June 16. At the time of launch, she told TMZ that she "wanted to create products for folks suffering from hair loss and damage, because she knows firsthand how that feels." The outlet added that Brown quipped the products hold a ponytail like glue, a knock at her Gorilla Glue ordeal, though they will save customers the pain of having to undergo a $12,500 procedure to remove them, as they easily wash out. Brown added that she has been working with haircare professionals to create a product that "does wonders for hair."

Now available for purchase on her Forever Hair website, tbforeverhair.com, the line includes a GROWTH Stimulating Oil. Priced at $18, the product stimulates scalp health, strengthens hair, increases blood flow to follicles to promote growing, and reduces excessive shedding, according to the listing. The $14 Forever Hold offers "firm, flake free hold with lasting shine." The line also includes a Sleek Edge Control product, which "smoothes, strengthens and nourishes strands" with the help of black castor and aloe vera. That product is listed as "coming soon." The site also offers "Bonded for Life" merchandise, which pokes fun at Brown's Gorilla Glue viral fame.

Brown's products are already racking up rave reviews. One person said they "received my Forever Hold and used it today. The hold lasted all day in the heat." Another person wrote in their review that they "could not be happier with my purchase! The products are life, you must try if you like a good hold." A third reviewer said their "edges are on point" after using the Forever Hold products, which they dubbed their "new love."


Brown became a social media sensation back in February shared a video on TikTok revealing she used Gorilla Glue on her hair, which she was unable to remove. She continued to document her ordeal in the following weeks, including her trip to the emergency room, where medical staff was unable to fix the situation. As her ordeal went viral, Gorilla Glue suggested she use rubbing alcohol, though that also did not work. Dr. Michael Obeng eventually offered to perform a $12,500 procedure to fix her hair for free.