Fashion Brand Gives Wearable Options to Support 'Rise of the Woman'

Following the blackout trend at the Golden Globes in conjunction with the "Time's Up" movement calling for safety and equality across all industries, fashion brands are finding innovative ways to offer styles that reflect the shifting social climate.

Among the leaders in that space is The LB Brand's 'Rise of the Woman' collection, which provides women with trendy looks that double as a wearable source of empowerment.

The collection features shirts, sunglasses and other accessories with "rise of the woman" or "unstoppable" printed on each piece.

Celebrities including Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Lopez and Tove Lo have sported LB Brand's creations, which, despite appearances, were created prior to the #MeToo social media movement and the Golden Globes' focus on women.

"It wasn't because of what's been happening, but it lines up with what's been happening with the 'Time's Up' movement and the culture shift in Hollywood," Jana Glowatz, CEO of Jana Public Relations, told of her client's collection.

"Instead of just wearing all-black, here's a way you can take it a step further and show what you feel — to wear what you feel," she added.

LB Brand creator Jen Roberts launched the lifestyle brand in 2013 with style lines for mothers and children, but the 'Rise of the Woman' collection offers a broader reach to project her overarching message of empowerment and support.

"My intention for creating this collection is for women to turn inward and get lost in themselves, in their own possibilities. Over the past 6 years I've navigated through some personal hardships. I knew if I was going to make it through all of this I had to dig deep and that's exactly what I did," Roberts told of her latest collection.

"Every woman has her own story and unfortunately so many women have a #MeToo situation, including me. Every time a woman picks up a pair of Rise Of The Woman® sunglasses or wears a t-shirt with those words on them, I want it to be symbolic of the truth... that she is unstoppable. Guess what, #TimesUp," the founder and designer added.

The LB Brand was also created with every stylish woman in mind, offering competitively-priced shirts and accessories, as well as a luxury sunglasses line.

Glowatz also represents other women-led fashion brands who offer stylish, unique products to allow wearers to stand in solitude with those who supported the 'Times Up' movement at the Golden Globes.

For women looking for stylish, affordable ways to wear black in parallel with the blackout trend, she suggests Monika Chiang shoes. And for delicate, feminine jewelry to accessorize a all-black look, Anuja Tolia is a woman-led company with beautiful options relatively all under $100.

Glowatz, who works with an roster of celebrity clients and stylists, predicts that black will continue to serve as a trend at upcoming awards shows.


But more than simply dressing like your favorite movie stars and musicians, copying their trends with affordable, women-focused designers is a visual way to show support for the "Time's Up" movement and its broader message of equality.