See George Michael's Sister's Christmas Message 2 Days Before She Was Found Dead on Third Anniversary of Brother's Death

A touching message from George Michael's sister, Melanie Panayiotou, has a bittersweet ring to it. [...]

A touching message from George Michael's sister, Melanie Panayiotou, has a bittersweet ring to it. It was posted on the official website of the late singer just two days before Panayiotou was found dead in her home on Christmas day this year. That also marked the three-year anniversary to the day that the body of her pop star brother was discovered.

Her message began by acknowledging that the family had "come full circle" for another year of holiday celebration before mentioning the impact her brother's music had on the world.

"We know how much his lyrics can offer support when things are tough and help celebrate when times are good and life is going well… and that is just as powerful now as if he were still with us and as many of you say in your messages, it's a gift," Michael wrote. "It seems important that his generosity of spirit and natural empathy have touched you in a way that would have him embarrassed, all your kind words are really good to hear and we know you have always known his true heart."

She also had given a shoutout to the rom-com Last Christmas, which was based loosely on the infectious Wham! ballad, Michael's pop duo he had before striking out on a solo career.

"Everyone has been working so hard to bring you his music, the movie is going to be there to celebrate and remember Yog and his music well into the future…and we thank everyone whose efforts brought his music to you. We will be swerving the bad and enjoying the good as much as we can this coming year (2019 has been difficult and busy for George's hardworking team)."

She closed by asking Michael's fans to "keep on doing those good deeds in his memory," an acknowledgment to her brother's tireless charity work — most of which wasn't even known to the public until after he'd passed away.

Fans were already hit hard by the news of Panayiotou's passing exactly three years after her brother, and this message conveying her generous spirit is underscores the loss her family has endured. She was 55 when she died, while her younger brother was 53 when he passed away in 2016.