Fox News Host Jeanine Pirro Reacts to Speculation She Was 'Drunk' in First At-Home Broadcast Amid Coronavirus Quarantine

Jeanine Pirro has denied speculation that she was drunk during her first at-home broadcast for Fox news. Pirro seemed a little off to some viewers on Saturday's episode of Justice With Judge Jeanine, which was shot at home due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now, Pirro has fired back on Twitter.

Pirro seemed to stumble over her words on Saturday's broadcast, which started 15 minutes late to begin with. Fox News issued an official statement on the show saying that there were technical difficulties in the transition to an at-home broadcast, but Twitter users continued to point to things like Pirro's hair. When one person wrote that she had "drunk girl hair," Pirro responded.

"No that's an ifb [earpiece] grabbing my hair and no staff around to notice," she wrote. "I was in a truck where that was not prepared to broadcast [because] we had no connection, no visual and no teleprompter."

Other tweets were less explanatory, including one where Pirro told a critic: "Keep hating. U wear it well."

Fox News' official response to Pirro's broadcast on Saturday was more measured, explaining that she and the others involved in production were just having a hard time adapting to life outside of the studio.

"Jeanine Pirro was broadcasting from her home for the first time when she encountered several technical difficulties which impacted the quality of her show, including the loss of a teleprompter," a company spokesperson said, according to a report by PEOPLE. "As we have previously said, we are operating with a reduced staff working remotely to ensure the health and safety of our employees in these unprecedented times."

A source close to Fox News further told PEOPLE that Pirro does not drink at all. They said that everyone was working remotely on the broadcast, leaving Pirro with no producers at all on site. She was left to do her own hair and makeup as well.

Despite this claim, many viewers pointed to a drink with a straw in it, which was in view during Pirro's broadcast. They speculated that this was an alcoholic beverage.


Pirro is not the only TV host working from home these days. With TV studios around the world closed, late night hosts, talk shows and other live broadcasts are working to adapt to a remote set-up with minimal crew. All the while, they are covering the latest on the coronavirus pandemic.

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