Floyd Mayweather Bodyguard Shot Outside Atlanta Hotel

Floyd Mayweather's bodyguard is reportedly recovering from a gunshot wound sustained in Atlanta, Georgia on Monday morning.

Police are investigating the shooting, which hit Mayweather's bodyguard in the leg, according to a report by CNN. Authorities told the outlet that they don't believe the attack was random, saying that there are signs that "the shooter was targeting the victim's vehicle" in an Atlanta Police Department news release.

The unnamed bodyguard was in one of three cars as part of a convoy carrying the boxer to a hotel in Atlanta's Buckhead neighborhood in the early hours of Monday morning. The shooting reportedly took place at around 3 a.m., according to Officer Lisa Bender, an APD spokeswoman.

"We believe that Mr. Mayweather may have been in one of the other vehicles in the caravan and was not injured," read the department's news release.

The bodyguard is reportedly in stable condition at Grady Hospital in downtown Atlanta, according to Bender.

Mayweather's entourage was headed from a club in the city to the InterContinental when another vehicle pulled up level with them and opened fire on one of the cars, she said. The attack happened on the highly populous strip of Peachtree Road, where numerous restaurants, shopping centers, boutiques and hotels are located.

All three drivers in Mayweather's motorcade took off, and the shooter followed, according to Bender. The car in which the bodyguard had been hit split off from the group, re-routing to the hospital, where the victim received emergency treatment.

Mayweather's appearance at the club near Buckhead had been heavily advertised, both by the club's promoters and Mayweather's various social media platforms. Videos from throughout the night show him enjoying his time, listening to music and purchasing drinks for the other patrons.

Despite his reputation for partying, Mayweather has been mostly out of the spotlight since August, when he fought with MMA star Conor McGregor. Mayweather won that fight by technical knockout.


McGregor himself was back in headlines this week, after he was caught on video assaulting a bus full of UFC fighters. The 29-year-old hurled a moving dolly at the vehicle, shattering a window and injuring two other athletes, who were both pulled from their respective forthcoming bouts.

McGregor was released on $50,000 bond. He is expected in court in June, though he is free to leave the country in the meantime.