7 Shot Outside Milwaukee Funeral Home

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on Wednesday, seven individuals were shot outside of a funeral home. The shooting reportedly occurred shortly before 1 p.m. local time, per PEOPLE. Fox 6 News reported that the shooter opened fire on a group attending a funeral for a homicide victim. Police are currently looking for the suspect.

The seven victims range in age from 20 to 48. They were all taken to a nearby hospital and are said to be in stable condition. Acting Milwaukee Police Chief Michael Brunson held a press conference on Wednesday afternoon during which he said that the department is working "feverishly" to look for the suspect. He said, "Our prayers are with the victims and their family members during this terrible time." Brunson added, "This is an untenable situation. This brazen act that was done in broad daylight is just unacceptable in our city. We are working feverishly to identify who committed this act." The shooting is currently under investigation. Brunson urged anyone with information about this incident to reach out to the Milwaukee police department. He also said that police are investigating whether the shooting was connected to the funeral, which was being held for Braxton Taylor.

Cedric Guy, the owner of the funeral home, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that the scene at the time was "crazy." He added, "Once we heard the shots, we called 911. We shut everything down. It just went crazy from there on." Guy told the publication that he believes that there were 100 people there to mourn Taylor, 26. Taylor was the victim of a homicide on Sept. 17. He was shot to death, and his body was later discovered in the 200 block of N. 35th Street. His murder is currently unsolved. His funeral has subsequently been postponed. It was due to begin shortly before the shooting occurred.

Following this ordeal, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett spoke about the "dramatic increase" of gun violence in the city. "It's an example of the insanity we are seeing with the amount of guns, particularly illegal guns we are seeing in the City of Milwaukee," Barrett said, per Fox 6 News. "The insanity of people solving their problems with guns — it is just completely insane, and we are seeing way too much of that in the community this year."