Flour Tortilla Recall Gets Update From FDA

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has updated cosumers on its recall of tortillas sold by The Salsa Texan. The small brand was first recalled last month when some of its coconut flour tortillas were found to contain undeclared wheat. On Friday, the FDA announced that the recall continues and that the products have now tested positive for undeclared milk contamination as well.

Coconut flour tortillas are often a dietary staple for people with food allergies or sensitivities who do not want to eat the more easily-available wheat flour tortillas at most grocery stores. That makes it all the more dangerous that these Salsa Texan products reportedly contain the allergens wheat and dairy with no warning on the label. The Salsa Texan distributes its products mostly via mail, so they could be anywhere in the country by now. The FDA is urging customers to dispose of their tortillas and contact the seller for a full refund.

The Salsa Texan is a food manufacturer based in Flower Mound, Texas. The first recall pertained to tortillas produced between August and September of 2021. The company often finds its way to people interested in wheat-free products via social media, including those with Celiac disease or others for whom exposure to wheat could be life-threatening.

According to the FDA's initial recall, The Salsa Texan experienced some kind of "temporary breakdown" in its production and packaging processes. This allowed wheat-containing products to be distributed in packages that did not warn about the presence of wheat, and in many cases even had labels falsely claiming to be "Gluten-Free." There have been some reports of illnesses or adverse reactions already.

The Salsa Texan tortillas are sold online and distributed through the mail, so they could have made their way to customers anywhere in the country. Many find the products through ads on Facebook and Instagram. Those who have friends or family with wheat allergies may want to forward the recall information just to be safe.

The tortillas were also sold at farmers' markets around the state of Texas throughout the autumn of 2021. Confirmed sale locations include Canton First Monday, Lucas, Texas Community Market, St. Michael's, Red Tent Market at Willowbend, Luscombe Farm, Rockwall, Garland and Heath.

The Salsa Texan has shut down production and distribution while the breakdown in its processes are reviewed. Customers can contact the company for a full refund or with further questions via phone at 214-850-9498. If no refund is desired, the company requests that customers destroy the product and dispose of it.


For those unaware, Celiac disease is a chronic digestive and immune disorder that is triggered by foods containing gluten, which generally means any wheat products. It is not only uncomfortable but potentially fatal, as it can prevent the body from absorbing vital nutrients. For more information on gluten sensitivity speak to a doctor first.