Florida Fans Heroically Catch Falling Cat in Hard Rock Stadium, Stunning Social Media in Patriotic Fashion

Saturday's Miami–Appalachian State game was tense enough on the field, but the drama in the crowds definitely overshadowed any football that was being played. While the game raged on at the Hard Rock Stadium, a stray cat managed to find its way into a very precarious position dangling from the upper decks. However, the black and white cat obviously still had one of its lives left because people in the audience immediately jumped into action.

Craig Cromer, a facilities manager at the University of Miami, and his wife Kimberly have season tickets for the Hurricanes, and they hang an American flag from the railing in front of their seats for every game. People soon noticed the cat dangling from the high spot, so the Cromers removed the flag and used it to break the cat's fall. Craig told The Miami Herald that they held the flag in anticipation for two to three minutes while the terrified cat peed on the people below. When the cat finally lost its grip, the Cromers' flag broke its fall, allowing students In the section below to disentangle the frightened feline and bring it to safety as the crowd went wild. 

Kimberly called the Incident "probably the strangest thing that's happened" during the seven years that they've had season tickets. "This is my first catch," Craig joked. One of the students that caught the cat held it aloft like Simba from The Lion King (although it nearly had a very Mufasa-like fate), and the heroic moment instantly went viral on Twitter.

"dude made catch of the year then held the cat up like f'in Simba. what a legend," wrote one impressed Twitter user. 

"THEY HELD THAT CAT UP LIKE SIMBA AT PRIDE ROCK," pointed out another viewer. "Don't think the cat was too down with the Simba moment at the end there," pointed out another observant viewer after watching footage of the struggling cat. All's well that ends well, and hopefully the cat enjoys a moment of peace and quiet tonight after narrowly cheating death.,