Flight Makes Emergency Landing After Passenger Names Wi-Fi Network 'Bomb on Board'

A flight made an emergency landing on Thursday when a Turkish Airlines flight crew discovered a mobile Wi-Fi network named "Bomb on Board."

According to PEOPLE, the flight from Nairobi to Istanbul diverted to Khartoum, Sudan, after staff noticed the Wi-Fi network's suspicious title. After the plane landed, all 100 passengers had to leave the aircraft for inspection.

"Experts said the Wi-Fi network in question was created on board," Turkish Airlines said in a statement. "No irregularities were seen after security procedures were carried out, and passengers were brought back on the plane once boarding restarted."

Passengers have the ability to create personal Wi-Fi networks on devices like mobile phones, and are able to name them what they want.


It wasn't revealed if security was able to figure out which passenger crated the Wi-Fi network.

This was not the first time a poorly named hotspot caused problem on a plane. Last year, a flight out of Melbourne was delayed for a couple of hours after a passenger noticed a network named "Mobile Detonation Device."