Father of 5 Dies From Coronavirus on Twin Daughters' Birthday

It has been reported that a father of 5 died from coronavirus on his twin daughters' birthday. [...]

It has been reported that a father of 5 died from coronavirus on his twin daughters' birthday. Rolando "Sonny" Aravena began feeling ill on March 19, and sought medical assistance. However, his daughter, Amberly Aravena, told ABC News 4 that doctors advised him to go home.

He then tried get a COVID-19 test appointment, but was not able to schedule one until a week after he called the hotline, on March 19. Aravena wound up in an urgent care clinic on March 22, and then went to the ER on March 24. He was turned away. Two days later, he went back to the urgent care clinic. "The doctors sent him away three times," Melody Aravena wrote in an Instagram post. "Even with an oxygen level of 89. Go home. Go quarantine."

Sadly, Sonny died on March 29. This was the same day as his twin daughters' tenth birthday. While mourning their tragic loss, the Aravena's revealed that another member of the family tested positive for it. "This is serious. I don't know why people think it's a joke or if it's fake," Amberly said. "It's not fake. My dad just died from it. My little sister has it."

Speaking about her father's legacy, Amberly praised his relationship with her mother. "They were just amazing together. One thing my mom used to tell me all the time like, is they're a team," she said. Amberly then shared a fond memory of her father saying, "My sweet 16 was a very special occasion and we all dressed up." She then spoke about Aravena's career, saying, "He worked for Verizon. And he was a field worker. He did that his whole life." Additionally, Aravena coached girls and boys AAU basketball in Orange County, after he and his family moved there from the Bronx, in New York City.

Registered nurse Thomas Riley — who recently recovered from the illness — spoke to the news outlet and comment on how the coronavirus symptoms can vary. "One of the first things you realize is that everyone who has this, it comes differently for everyone," Riley said. "When I had it, I didn't really have a cough, my lung sounds were clear pretty much the whole, but I had a fever. Like I just had a constant fever."

At this time, medical experts continue to encourage U.S. citizens to practice social distancing. They also suggest that everyone regularly wash their hands. This will help limit the spread of coronavirus, and could save lives.