Father of Girls Abused by Larry Nassar Tries to Attack Former Doctor in Court

A father of three young girls who were abused by Larry Nassar attempted to attack the disgraced doctor at his sentencing hearing on Friday morning.

Randall Margraves was standing alongside two of his daughters, Madison and Lauren, in a Charlotte, Michigan, courtroom as they read their impact statements. When they finished, Margraves asked Judge Janice Cunningham if he could say something to Nassar.

"You son of a b—," Margraves said to Nassar, adding a request to Cunningham: "I would ask you to as part of the sentencing to grant me five minutes in a locked room with this demon. Would you do that? Would you give me one minute?"

Cunningham told Margraves that she could not grant that; the father of three then lunged at Nassar who was sitting only a few feet away across the room with his defense attorneys. Police tackled Margraves to the ground before he could reach Nassar.

"I want that son of a b—," Margraves could be heard while deputies attempted to control him. "Give me one minute with that bastard."

WILX reporter Clayton Cummins wrote on Twitter that Margraves was taken into custody after prosecutor Angela Povilaitis admonished his behavior.

"You cannot behave like this," Povilaitis reportedly told the people in the gallery. "This is him having power over us."

"You haven't lived through it," Margraves said to her as he was led out of the courtroom.

Cunningham then reportedly dismissed court for a brief recess. Cummins reported that people were crying as police took Margraves into custody.

When court was back in session, Cunningham apologized for the incident.

"What happened in the courtroom was scary," she said, encouraging victims and their families to let the court take care of ensuring justice. "What Mr. Nassar did is horrible. But please let the criminal justice system do what it is supposed to do."

Last week, Nassar was sentenced to between 40 to 175 years in prison. The former USA Gymnastics doctor and Michigan State University doctor pleaded guilty to seven counts of criminal sexual conduct in Ingham County, Michigan, and has admitted to sexually assaulting and abusing young girls under the guise of providing medical treatment.

Nassar also has pleaded guilty to three charges of criminal sexual conduct in Eaton County, Michigan, and already has been sentenced to 60 years in prison for federal child pornography charges.


Nassar is currently in Eaton County Circuit Court as dozens of women have come forward to explain how his abuse changed their lives.