Fake Hostess Photo of Peanut Butter And Pickle Sandwich Twinkies Has the Internet Burning Their Computers

Earlier this week, Hostess made people want to throw their computers out the window merely by suggesting they were about to announce peanut butter and pickle sandwich Twinkies. Thankfully it was all just an elaborate joke on their part, but some thought it was real. Some knew it was a horrible idea, but a few others said they might try it.

The fiasco started on Sept. 9 when Hostess tweeted an image of the peanut butter and pickle sandwich Twinkies box, complete with the Mr. Twinkie mascot replaced by a Mr. Twinkie pickle! The image looked so much like the usual photos Hostess posts that many thought it was real.

In fact, a Hostess spokesperson had to prepare a statement for the Today Show, confirming it was a joke.

"This is just some social media levity from Hostess," the statement read. "We regularly feature fun, fictional products on our social media, and this is one of those."

For many though, it was a little too gross to laugh at.

Surprisingly, some thought about it and decided they would try it.

While a pickle-flavored Twinkie might seem crazy, you can already get pickle-flavored Oreos. Bill Kelly, the owner of Grandpa Joe's Candy Shop in Dayton, Ohio, is selling Oreos with a pickle slice between the cookie. Each cookie sandwich is sold covered in chocolate.

"We took an Oreo cookie, took it apart, put a very thin slice of pickle in the middle, put the Oreo back to together, then covered it in chocolate. Cause everything is better covered in chocolate," Kelly wrote in an email to the Dayton Daily News. "The pickle taste is a hint of pickle, it’s not overpowering."


You can buy Pickle Oreos three-packs at Grandpa Joe's Candy Shop's website.

Photo credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images