Exactly What Laurie Hernandez Eats to Fuel Those Olympic-Size Muscles

Dancing With The Stars sweetheart Laurie Hernandez is only 16 years old, yet her hard work and pure talent take her maturity to the next level.

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Perhaps we should have known that Hernandez would become a superstar the instant she stepped on the DWTS stage; after all, the gold and silver medal-winning gymnast has never shied away from self-discipline or achieving her goals (DWTS has always been a goal of hers, by the way).

Just look at her strict training routine and diet. While training for the Olympics, Hernandez was in the gym six days a week, training for five or six hours. After that physically exhausting day, it was back home to work on her schoolwork.

Photo: Instagram / @_marcushernandez_
(Photo: Photo: Instagram / @_marcushernandez_)

The gymnast shared a typical day of eating with NBC. Check it out:

Breakfast: "Oatmeal and some sort of fruit for breakfast."

Snack: "Around 10:30 a.m. I eat around half a cereal bar to hold me for a few hours."

Lunch: "For lunch, I have something similar to brown rice, vegetables, and some sort of healthy meat (usually grilled chicken)."

Dinner: "For dinner, I have meat and vegetables."

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Something Hernandez will indulge in? Typically, frozen yogurt. But on the second day of the Olympic trials, Hernandez said it was a burger from In-N-Out. We're thinking she deserved it!


How does Hernandez's diet compare to yours? Or better yet, how does it compare to your diet when you were 16? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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