Watch Elon Musk Smoke Weed During Joe Rogan Podcast

Elon Musk is somewhat of a divisive personality these days, and this new video of him smoking weed during a podcast interview with Joe Rogan has certainly only added to that quality.

In the clip, Rogan lights up what looks like a cigar, and Musk inquires what he's holding. Rogan then explains that it had both tobacco and marijuana in it.

He offers Musk the opportunity to take hit off of it and, after confirming that it's legal for them to do, he lets loose.

Many have taken to social media to share their thoughts, opinions, and jokes on Musk's new recreational activities, with many feeling like "there's nothing wrong with" it.

"By the way. The podcast was amazing. Smoking pot and drinking is quite common in California and it's legal. Stop being so lame," chided Investment Advisor Co-Founder & CEO Ross Gerber. "Listen to it. Very very fun and interesting. [Joe Rogan] is great and funny. And Elon is brilliant. I loved it."

"Okay I've changed my mind on Elon Musk," another person tweeted. "The dude is le epic badass made of so. much. win."

"Elon Musk discusses over two hours modern technological innovations and the headlines this AM 'smokes joint & drinks whisky on a comedy show.'Media in 2018 is laughable," someone else wrote.

While many did not see issue with Musk's inhaling, others noted that his Tesla company dropping a few stock points was a rather unfortunate side effect.

"Tesla stock drops 9% because [Eelon Musk] smoked some pot on a podcast... good lord, when are people gonna drop the stigma," one person said.

"Not that Elon Musk hasn't done some genuinely impressive stuff, but the important things Tesla is doing are the result of massive public sector investment and not the fact that he's some singular genius," someone else stated. "There can be other Teslas even if Musk runs his into the ground."


At this time, Musk does not appear to have publicly commented on the backlash.