Instagram Bans Model for Too Much Cleavage

In her quest to "free the cleavage," one model has found herself banned from Instagram for the third time for "violating community guidelines."

Elle Johnson regularly shares scantily clad photos showing off her curves with her almost half a million Instagram followers — or at least, she did until now.

The model was first reported and banned from Instagram in January, and then again in April after the photo sharing site allowed her back online.

In July, she was banned for the third time this year after posting a series of explicit photos in a see-through bikini and lingerie, and is currently still not allowed on the social media network.

Since then, she has found a new home on Twitter, sharing the bikini and lingerie photos she says Instagram won't allow.

In one of her racy photos on Twitter, she wears a low-cut maxi dress and props her leg up on a wall and argues against her ban on Instagram.

"This photo is not available on Instagram because Instagram has something against sideboob," she wrote along the photo. "Actually, they just have something against me!"

Johnson isn't the only model to have a controversial photo removed from Instagram. Earlier this summer, Amber Rose shared a photo wearing no pants or underwear, encouraging women to post their own "bottomless" selfies.

In the post, Rose wore a bikini top and her genitals were covered by nothing but her pubic hair. Instagram deleted the post after determining it violated their terms of service prohibiting nudity.

In response to her post being deleted, Rose posted a sassy video with the caption "When IG deletes ur fire ass feminist post but you really don't give a f--k because everyone picked it up already."


Like Johnson, Rose also posted the photo to her Twitter page, which is more lax about what can and cannot be posted, so it has not been removed by neither Twitter nor Rose herself.

Photo Credit: Instagram / @_ElleJohnson