Dunkin Giving Away Free Donuts Fridays Through End of April

Dunkin Donuts is taking one simple measure to try and sweeten your week — it is giving away free [...]

Dunkin Donuts is taking one simple measure to try and sweeten your week — it is giving away free donuts every Friday for the rest of the month. The fast-food breakfast chain has already been dolling out free donuts every Friday in March, and now they have decided to keep the sweets coming. Any customer with a DD Perks account qualifies.

Dunkin Donuts announced the extension of Free Donut Fridays on Sunday, April 3. For the rest of the month, DD Perks customers who buy any beverage will get a free donut in one selected flavor. Espresso shots do not count for the promotion, and the flavors include Boston kreme, glazes, jelly and chocolate, among others. Not all Dunkin locations are participating, but there are some scattered all over the country.

"We hope extending Free Donut Fridays can bring a few much-needed moments of sweetness for our loyal fans in the weeks ahead," said Dunkin's Vice President of Digital and Loyalty Marketing Stephanie Meltzer-Paul in a press release.

The promotion is well-suited to the age of social distancing, since DD Perks can be done entirely online. Customers who are not signed up yet can simply download the mobile app, sign up and then show it to their cashier at the drive-thru.

These days, Dunkin is conducting business almost exclusively at the drive-thru with the hope of reducing person-to-person contact, like so many other restaurants. They are offering order-ahead services as well, and encourage customers to note whether they intend to pick up a free donut ahead of time. Some locations are even offering curbside pick-up.

This is all a part of the effort to slow the spread of COVID-19 — the coronavirus. The viral pandemic is now centered in the U.S., which has over 362,000 confirmed cases. The country has 10,688 confirmed deaths from the virus as well, and the numbers are expected to continue rising in the weeks and months to come.

Experts still say that the best way to stay safe and healthy is social distancing — staying at home as much as possible and reducing contact with other people. This not only protects individuals from exposure to the virus, it slows the spread of the virus in general, which will help to lighten the burden on the already over-taxed medical infrastructure in parts of the country.

For many people, this means limiting trips to stores and restaurants, prompting a surge in creative methods of delivery or pick-up. Dunkin is just one of many chains with a distinctive offer during these unprecedented times. For the latest information on the coronavirus pandemic, visit the CDC's website.