'Mystery UFO' Engages Drone in War Zone

Right in the middle of the Ukraine war, a drone ended up having a close encounter.

UFO sightings during war and conflict have been a piece of the larger puzzle since flying saucers and little green men became major topics of discussion. "Foo Fighters" is a term that originates with the floating orbs that World War II pilots reported back during the conflict in both the European and Pacific theaters. That's a lot of real estate to cover with sightings through today.

According to Newsweek, the conflict in Ukraine might be the latest to go public with a report on UFOs on the battlefield. In a video shared on social media, Ukraine fighters filmed a "disc-shaped object" while piloting a drone.

The video was first picked up by The Daily Mail, noting that it was filmed in February using one of the many 300 "heat vision" quadcopter drones in use by the Ukraine military. The small craft was at 500 feet above sea level according to the outlet, spying the object at an estimated 30 miles away.

Newsweek admits that they couldn't independently verify the video, noting they had contacted the Ukrainian Defense Ministry with no response. They are quite busy, of course.

"Why can't he fire missiles at us?" one soldier reportedly says in the clip. Another soldier questions it before another voice bursts in with confusion. "Holy s-t. What the f-k is this? Why isn't it moving?" Another soldier labels it a "UFO", adding that it is staying in one place. An actual moment of comedy comes at the end when one of the soldiers seems to suggest they "ram it" with the quadcopter.

According to Newsweek, other sightings have been spotted since the war in Ukraine started back in 2022. January last year, Russia's governor of the Rostov region reported a "small-size object in the shape of a ball" that was liquidated by Russian forces. It is very similar to sightings in the United States of reported balloons and objects shot down by the Air Force.