Pilot Reports Giant City-Sized UFO Encounter During Flight

A sight that is sure to make you question your beliefs or at least your undergarment decisions.

Captain Arturo Saucedo detailed a frightening encounter he had during a recent flight, meeting what he describes as an "unknown" craft larger than two cities. According to The Sun, Saucedo details being plunged into "total darkness" while flying from Mexico toward Los Angeles. For many, their minds instantly went to aliens.

He initially only encountered a bright light before darkness spread until only the instrument panels were lit. "I then saw a beam of light that I first thought was something from Starlink as I had seen some images about Elon Musk's company, basically a line of satellites that shine brightly in the sky...I said, 'What is that?' It looked very strange."

To him, the object seemed to be twice the size of a city. He compared it to Querétaro, the city that was 35,000 feet below the plane. "This kind of thing always causes a lot of controversy because you don't believe it until you see it," he added.

With all of this information noted, Saucedo was quick to add that his sighting wasn't necessarily an alien craft. "I'd say it was human technology, some type of American technology that they didn't report," he adds. "When we first started to call it in, it started moving quickly to the right."

After it moved toward the Gulf of Mexico, it soon disappeared from view. After the podcast he shared his story with went live, UFO enthusiasts and fans weighed in with the comments.

"They are motherships that have three types of camouflage, are found all over the world, and are from different extraterrestrial races," one wrote. "I saw it on the way to Cancun at around 1 am, a mothership, other ships came in and out of it, I couldn't film it because the plane light was on, but wow," a second added. "It was an extraterrestrial mothership. People shouldn't presume that we are the only ones in the universe," a third wrote.