Dr. Pimple Popper's Transformation of Man With Rhinophyma Is a Must-See

In a popular video from Dr. Pimple Popper that many viewers deem a "must-see," dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee helps out a man with rhinophyma.

The 18-minute video shows Lee going through the process step-by-step as she fixes the patient's condition.

The same patient was featured in a 10-minute video in October 2017. The new video picks up four weeks after another treatment. He explains that the problem is not painful, it's just "annoying."

"It's like you have rug burn on the side of your nostrils, right?" Lee asked the patient.

Lee also showed a cool photo of the patient from his younger days, long before he needed to worry about going to a dermatologist.

After that, Lee begins her procedure. As she explains, one big issue is making sure she can clearly define the borders of the issue, because if she cuts healthy skin, she could leave behind worse scarring.

At the end of the video, Lee checks in with the patient after another four months. Amazingly, he looks great!

The patient said that his 15-year-old granddaughter saw the previous video. It now has 4.2 million views, while the new one has 54,000 views in one day.

"It's just one of the greatest things that's happened to me," the patient said. He also told Lee there was "minimal pain" after the procedure.

"I healed the last time in two weeks without a problem," the patient said. "...And there's no pain while it's happening. None."

Lee also told the man she was concerned about there being a noticeable scar because he is part Native American and that means he has a "little more pigment in your skin." However, he looked great after it healed. It was like he had his old nose back.

"I just can't say thank you enough," the patient said.

Lee warned the patient that he might be recognized on the street now, so he should always carry a pen.

"Rhinophyma, is a component of rosacea (a pretty common condition especially among people of Celtic descent), but it is more commonly seen in men vs women, and predominantly affects the nose, causing thickening of the skin of the nose, and dilated, patulous pores," Lee explained in the description for the previous video. "The thickening of the skin of the nose is due to a excess production of sebaceous glands (oil glands). While by no means is this a life-threatening condition, it can be embarrassing to those who have it."

Lee started her Dr. Pimple Popper persona on Instagram in 2014, then migrated to YouTube after the videos caught on. She now has 3.5 million YouTube subscribers and her videos have racked up over 1.9 billion views. She also has 2.7 million Instagram followers.


She has so many "Popaholics" who watch her videos that TLC is hoping they watch her upcoming series. She already starred in a TLC special in January, attracting 1.2 million viewers.

Photo credit: YouTube/Dr. Pimple Popper