Dr. Pimple Popper's Must-See 'Giant Blackhead' Video Bursts With Over 38M Views

One of the most-watched videos shared by Dr. Sandra Lee, better known as Dr. Pimple Popper, is a 3-year-old clip showcasing an 85-year-old woman getting a giant blackhead removed with her daughter by her side.

Lee posted the video July 9, 2015, but since then, it has racked up almost 39 million views and runs four minutes.

The video shows Lee removing a "dilated pore of winer," which is "essentially a giant blackhead," the doctor wrote.

"I extract this one today, and it leaves a dilated pore which will shrink to some degree, but likely won't entirely go away," Lee wrote in the video description. "We plan to see her again in the near future, and if she doesn't like the appearance, or if it tends to fill again, we can excise the enlarged pore, and place a couple stitches, so that she replaces the "hole" with a fine line scar."

Lee is about to take her internet fame from the computer monitor to the small screen thanks to a new TLC show in the works. The network already aired a special in January, which attracted 1.2 million viewers.

In addition to her wildly popular videos, Lee also has a column at Women's Health Magazine, where she answers questions about skin emergencies. The Southern California-based dermatologist also offers advice and skincare products at The Pretty Simple, DrPimplePopper.com and SLMD Skin Care. She has also appeared on episodes of the daytime talkshow The Doctors.

In a 2016 interview with New York Magazine, Lee said she tries not to post videos that are too bloody or gory, since YouTube is likely to take those done. She also usually calls blood "ooze" instead. "I really try to keep things nice and clean," Lee told the magazine.


"The content she and her team post isn't solely graphic dissections of lipomas and cysts," reads a statement on Lee's website. "Dr. Lee's aim is still the same as it was back in 2015 — to provide a window into her unique dermatology world. From procedures such as mohs surgery and Botox to keloid removals, ear surgeries, and blackhead extractions, Dr. Lee films it all."

Photo credit: YouTube/ Dr. Pimple Popper