Donald Trump Posts Video Detailing 'Another Day in Trump's America' With Fake Chyrons Again

President Donald Trump baffled Twitter on Thursday by posting a strange skit about his supporters. In the video, a young woman starts a viral campaign to label a Trump supporter as racist, when it turns out that man was just trying to help a Black person out. The video left many viewers confused and prompted CNN reporter Jim Acosta to assure viewers that it was altered.

The video is titled "Another Day in Trump's America," and it was posted without attribution, although a small tag in the bottom-righthand corner of the screen reads "P.Martinez." Since the president posted it without comment, some went so far as to assume it was a campaign ad he had made himself. The video showed a Black Uber driver dropping a young woman off at her house, and followed that woman as she recorded a man in a "MAGA" hat running after the Uber driver's car. The woman then posted the video online, leading a montage attempting to ruin his life and condemn his as a racist.

However, as the video somberly reveals in its latter half, the MAGA hat-wearing man was only trying to help the Uber driver get out of the snow. By then it was too late, as CNN had picked up the story, with a digitally-edited chyron reading "Trump's Fault? White Man in MAGA Hat Attacks Black Uber Driver."

In response to the video, Acosta tweeted: "Straight out of 1984... This Trump tweet is not only bizarre. It's bogus. I never did a live shot on this so obviously the chyron is a fake." Many viewers responded that Acosta had missed the point, as they had known the chyron was fake.

Still, many people were disturbed by the video, calling it "propaganda," among other things. CNN host S.E. Cupp tweeted: "In the midst of everything, tweeting badly doctored videos of fake news somehow soothes the fragile, desperate, delusional President. Let that sink in. This is making him feel good."


The video was one of a pair tweeted by Trump on Thursday night — both concerning race on the eve of Juneteenth. The other was flagged by Twitter and taken down. It was a clip of a Black toddler running away from a White toddler, again with a fake CNN chyron. This one read: "Breaking news: Terrified Todler (sic) Runs From Racist Baby."

Many of Trump's critics take his posting of videos like this as a sign that his campaign if floundering as the polls show him losing the 2020 election. On Thursday, Fox News published a new poll showing Trump behind by 12 points.