Social Media Believes Donald Trump Allegedly Farted in Leaked Audio With Georgia State Official

The leaked audio from President Donald Trump's phone call with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger allegedly captures the president farting at one point — or so social media observers believe. Trump can be heard saying "excuse me" in the middle of a thought, which follows an unidentified noise at the 51-minute and 40-second mark into the recording. The audio was first obtained by The Washington Post Sunday and captures the president asking Raffensperger to "find" the votes to overturn President-elect Joe Biden's victory in Georgia. Trump mentions several debunked conspiracy theories and appears to threaten Raffensperger, a Republican if the results are not changed.

During the call, Trump was joined by Cleta Mitchell, a conservative attorney whose involvement in Trump's attempts to overthrow the election results was not known before Sunday, according to the Washington Post. About 50 minutes into the hour-long call, Mitchell told Raffensberger his office has "data and records that we don't have access to." Even though Raffensperger has made public comments confirming Biden won Georgia following three recounts, Mitchell said "we don't know about that... All we know is what you tell us."

Mitchell said the Trump campaign's litigation against Georgia did not even include "the Dominion issue" because "we just didn't feel as though we had any way to be able to develop..." At this point, Trump interrupted her, suggesting the Dominion issue was unnecessary because he only lost Georgia by around 11,000 votes. The results show Biden won Georgia by 11,779 votes, making him the first Democratic candidate to win the state since 1992.

It is during this segment of the conversation that Trump appears to fart. "No, we do have a way but I don't want to get into it," Trump said. "We found a way in other states — excuse me — but we don't need it because we're only down 11,000 votes so we don't even need it. I personally think they're corrupt as hell. But we don't need that. Because all we have to do Cleta is find 11,000-plus votes. So we don't need that."

The "Dominion issue" referred to in the call is a false conspiracy theory that Dominion Voting Systems changed votes cast for Trump. The president mentioned it several times during the call, but Raffensperger told Trump Georgia recounts were done by hand. "I don't believe that you're really questioning the Dominion machines," Raffensperger said, according to CNN's transcript. "Because we did a hand re-tally, a 100% re-tally of all the ballots and compared them to what the machines said and came up with virtually the same result. Then we did the recount, and we got virtually the same result. So I guess we can probably take that off the table. I don't think there's an issue about that."


Raffensperger said three recounts showed Biden won Georgia's presidential election. On Dec. 14, the Electoral College met to formally vote for Biden, who received 306 votes to Trump's 232. On Wednesday, Congress will meet for a joint session to officially count and certify Biden's win. Some Republicans have said they plan to object, but they do not have enough votes to overturn the election.